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Supporting the Kids Hospital project

June 18, 2018

A few days ago, our Kharkiv team helped out with making a Hospital's admission dept more kid-friendly.

From drawing to painting we helped realise this great initiative.

A Team Effort

With our Kharkiv office we are part of a cluster of IT firms. This IT cluster organises weekly meet-ups, conferences, networking drinks and next to that corporate social responsibility is also an important motivation of the cluster. Giving back to society.

A kid-friendly Hospital

This year, along with the IT-Cluster, we tried to make Hospital's admission dept more kid-friendly. Also we wanted to make some IT-connected and added a touch of it in a "find-an-object" game style. From design to execution we helped out and divided tasks among preference. It was a true team effort worth putting time in. Knowing what effect it will have on the kids waiting in the hospital gave us great motivation.

We are proud to present the result and some of the backstage material:

PS. Have you discovered the backslash?