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TBWA launches global hub for mobile-first brand experiences and innovation

October 24, 2018

Amsterdam’s leading mobile-first digital agency MOBILE STRATEGY rebrands to TBWA\MOBILE to serve global clients

We live in an era defined by mobile. We check our phones over 400 times a day and spend more than four hours on our phones. As brands battle it out over customers’ time on mobile, the advertising industry is shifting, with briefings becoming increasingly mobile-first and performance-based. 
These are the triggers behind today’s launch of TBWA\MOBILE - a new global center of excellence for mobile-first marketing and technology. 

The agency consists of more than 50 international experts with capabilities including CRM/Loyalty programs, E-Commerce solutions and Mobile Campaigns, and led by Nishant Dogra, CEO and founder of MOBILE STRATEGY, which as of today is rebranded to TBWA\MOBILE and fully integrated into the TBWA collective. 

“For brands, it’s no longer enough to have presence on mobile - it’s crucial to differentiate from the competition with disruptive mobile experiences that add value and utility. This is the only way customers will engage with brands on mobile.” says Nishant Dogra, CEO TBWA\MOBILE, “Mobile offers new and unbound opportunities to savvy marketers and innovative creatives. We’ve launched TBWA\MOBILE to be at the cutting edge of these new opportunities from consultancy to design and development.”

The mobile agency was acquired by TBWA (part of Omnicom Group) in 2014 and the name change is part of a deeper integration within the network. TBWA\MOBILE will keep serving its own set of clients and supporting TBWA agencies around the globe with mobile-first brand experiences. With clients including adidas, ExxonMobil, Generator, Hunkemöller, McDonald’s, and Rituals the newly renamed TBWA\MOBILE is leading the way as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe of the past three years.  

“Clients are demanding a more integrated approach where all touchpoints are included. With TBWA\MOBILE we can ensure that we offer an integrated experience to our clients,” says Rik Ledder, Managing Director of TBWA\NEBOKO, The Netherlands.

“In previous years clients would come to their agencies with briefs to increase brand awareness or market-share. Now, they are looking for direct results to their bottom line and wish to increase conversion by a specific percentage,” said Nishant Dogra, CEO TBWA\MOBILE. “That’s where agencies like TBWA\MOBILE can step in, using data-driven insights and digital experiences to measure and control the results real-time. During the span of any campaign, we can maximize downstream engagement metrics like conversion, subscribes and ROI.”

The new TBWA\MOBILE global mobile hub is investing in new skillsets and emerging mobile technologies, as often brands are aware of new technologies, but not sure how best to use them for the results they want. The agency has increased digital consultancy and design capabilities, and also grown the range of in-house development skills including Gamified Experiences, Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots and Voice. Operating almost as an incubator, the hub is able to experiment and prototype innovative solutions at a fast speed with relatively low investment.

TBWA\MOBILE is putting a leadership team together in key business hubs around the world, starting with a new office in London.