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Calling all Londoners
TBWA\MOBILE, in collaboration with TBWA\LONDON, converted the new adidas x London collection to a full 360º digital campaign. The collaboration enabled a continuous content flow from social, out of home or landing pages to a product and purchase level. Based on data from each weeks release the new content was adapted and changed to speak to all users and work optimally on all platforms and devices. TBWA\MOBILE has taken part in the user experience and design approach of this campaigns execution and digital content.
adidas x London
Adidas London launches a new collection, exclusively created by Londoners, for Londoners, connecting with Londons neighbourhoods. New styles from all over the city are released weekly. Styles that represent the different neighbourhoods and diversity of civilians with London itself, this collection is a perfect representation of the here and now. Both London's hottest influencers as regular street casts were the face of the campaign. Other campaigns and moments like London's TFL campaign and the Black Friday buzz were all seamlessly interwoven into this campaign. Driven by data and results content is adapted and communicated through a 360º campaign.