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Experience the convenience of exploring sports with the DecaShare app. Keen on trying out a new sport, but not wanting to purchase all equipment? Or a set of skis laying around that have not been used for a couple of years, and open to give someone the opportunity to try them out? DecaShare connects fellow athletes and encourages them to share gear. With this unique business model, DecaShare is innovative with a user-first approach.
DecaShare makes it possible to search for equipment in a particular sport to borrow in a designated area. Near your house for example, so you don't have to drive far to pick up the ski's on your way to Austria.

As a sharer, you can make your (unused) equipment available to be borrowed or loaned with just one click. Creating ads for your equipment goes hand in hand with the convenient communication between borrower and sharer, making DecaShare the number one app to share and lend sports equipment.
Together, Decathlon and TBWA\MOBILE formulated this concept through a Google Design Sprint. In a week's time the team moved from broad idea to a clickable prototype and a validated design. This included a user-test with customers from the Decathlon store. The learn fast philosophy from the Google Design Sprint matches with TBWA\MOBILE's agile way of work.