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September campaign
For one of the most important months to acquire new gym members, tapping into the after summer resolutions, TBWA\MOBILE strategically & creatively formulated and produced Fit For Free's September campaign. To make this digital campaign as effective as possible hyper-targetted and personal content, close to the brand slogan, was smartly advertised.
Whatever your goal and reason; whether it's your first time in the gym, you have a beastmode mind-set, or just want to take a break from your busy life, Fit For Free is a place to feel at home. Their slogan 'Welcome to the club' summarizes this perfectly. The catchy campaign content therefore had to be tailored to each of these mind-sets; smaller 'clubs' with recognisable reasons, resulting in relevant content with each their own digital journey. Where also urgency was one of its pillars.
The campaign messaging kept relevant throughout the journey, from the various social formats or display banners through to sign-up stage. The most relevant USP's were segmented per group to make the content most attractive for the potential clubmember. This way the campaign smartly tapped into the reasons for all potential members, no matter their work-out intention.