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TBWA\MOBILE, in collaboration with TBWA\NEBOKO, led the transition of the worlds’ biggest fast-food chain towards a new global app platform. From support with the campaigns to implementing gamification in the app, we put user and mobile experience first. Realizing app and product content like: McVeggie, McFlurry and McBreakfast along with onboarding and supporting screens, TBWA\MOBILE has taken part in the effective and unique approach of McDonald’s branding.
McDonald's Campaign Pages

A day without meat, or vegetarian? Fancy a dessert or something tasty in between? Or start your day with a freshly prepared breakfast at McDonald's? The McVeggie, McFlurry and McBreakfast are some of the campaign pages TBWA\MOBILE helped develop. With the catchy phrases, playful designs and smooth interaction the campaign pages were well-off in introducing the new products.