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TBWA\MOBILE, in collaboration with TBWA\NEBOKO, led the transition of the worlds’ biggest fast-food chain towards a new global app platform. From support with the campaigns to developing the most popular in-app games, we put user and mobile experience first. Realizing app and product content like: McVeggie, McFlurry and McBreakfast along with onboarding and supporting screens, TBWA\MOBILE has taken part in the effective and unique approach of McDonald’s branding.
Pre-Gift Calendar Game
Running up to McDonald’s biggest campaign of the year we introduced a gamified experience to start the excitement of this gifting period. A data driven game that is fun and food in one, with the good times mentality of the brand. The goal of the addictive game? To catch as many of your favourite burgers and earn discounts on it as a reward, giving McDonald’s a better insight in customers preferences.

'Cadeau Kalender'
The game is a small taste of McDonald’s ‘Cadeau Kalender’, an in-app advent calendar where rewards can be unlocked every day, through the whole of December. During this month, the app ranks number one in the app stores and reaches nearly 2 million users.
Winning Winter Game
To make the cold winter a bit more fun, and to make members continue to interact with the app after the popular 'Cadeau Kalender', we developed a suitable game. Members needed to break the ice by cutting down the ice blocks through tapping on their mobile screen. Amazing prizes such as iPad's, speakers and FitBit's were handed out to the highscore players. Members competed every week and reopened the app to check if they could play again, creating weekly engagement with the brand through gamification.

McDonalds Campaign Pages
A day without meat, or vegetarian? Fancy a dessert or something tasty in between? Or start your day with a freshly prepared breakfast at McDonald's? The McVeggie, McFlurry and McBreakfast are some of the campaign pages TBWA\MOBILE helped develop. With the catchy phrases, playful designs and smooth interaction the campaign pages were well-off in introducing the new products.